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Is VoIP linked to strategy?

What really is a strategy? When it comes to businesses, it’s all about planning, strategizing and ensuring your company reaches it targets. Right?

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So how is VoIP really linked to strategy?

VoIP is predicted to be the future- just the way the internet has been! A strategy is all about streamlining resources just the right way. How about streamlining VoIP solutions, its services, IP phones and others?

VoIP is known to be strategically significant as time goes by. Most companies are now going to give emphasis to installing and maintaining VoIP softphones, creating communication channels for the truest form of VoIP platforms. VoIP is scalable, reliable and definitely has turned out to be a deciding factor for firms in order to make initial investments.
  • VoIP is linked to strategy in the following ways:
  • Help streamline calling solutions 
  • Make communication professional
  • Bridge gaps
  • Build networks
  • Set-up virtual offices before actual ones

Help streamline calling solutions
The beauty of VoIP is the fact that it has the ability to connect an entire office with just one connection and multiple IT phones based on requirement. VoIP solutions in India, USA, and other countries are all very customer-centric and have one of the best-calling solutions. Moreover, VoIP also has unlimited calling plans to USA, UK, Canada, Europe and the most business-oriented nations across the world!

Make communication professional

VoIP service providers have some generic smart features like call forwarding, holiday number, voicemail to email service and so on. VoIP makes communication very professional with regard to call center VoIP solutions and business VoIP services as well. How?
Well, assuming you’ve missed a call and you’re in the middle of a meeting- all you need to do is, check your mail and the entire message will be transcribed in the form of a mail. Or, you’re on vacation but, business calls have to be made on an emergency basis- this feature, called holiday number, can do wonders!

Bridge Gaps 

The entire objective behind of making international calling affordable was initiated by VoIP. Back in time, PSTN ruled over the world and its bills were more expensive than travel fairs. Now, with unlimited VoIP calling plans, it’s all about calling a country with the right code and you’re all set for a business meeting- video conferencing or audio conferencing, it’s all up to you, anytime and anywhere!

Build networks

Not all companies, especially start-ups are excited to or can afford flying across nations just to build networks. With the onset of VoIP solutions, start-ups have the courage and the finances to connect locally and globally. Some methods are via unlimited calling plans, as mentioned above. Call at a company, speak with any decision maker- it always helps. 

The very gesture of taking an initiative shows immense interest in the field, making you a useful contact for the other company and vice- versa.
Set-up virtual offices before actual ones

Imagine, your company has about Rs. 50,000 as an investment amount. You’re a start-up and want to reach out to people in Europe and USA. What can you possibly do? Probably one-time flight tickets will cost you the entire amount. 

What if you have access to VoIP service providers’ toll- free number plans? This is the best way to set up a virtual office and you can sit in any nook and corner in order to handle it. Best thing- there’s no extreme loss. If things work out, your company can always have an actual office!

VoIP is definitely linked to strategy. There are objectives a company owner must keep in mind while signing up for any product/ service and that is how effectively it can be used! VoIP is versatile, handy and definitely the need of the hour just like the internet. 
Strategize well with VoIP and be the change you want to see in your company.

Monday, 9 April 2018

Global VoIP Market – Market Research Report this 2018

There is a fair amount of involvement in the VoIP industry with regard to the industries using VoIP services. Industries consisting of the following are in desperate need of VoIP or have already signed up for a VoIP provider:

  • product classification
  • company profiles
  • growth rates increasing
  • technological development
  • product enhancement etc.

Global VoIP services have segregated its services on the basis of multiple parameters- some of them include:

  • Type of product
  • Type of applications
  • Geo-location
  • Budget
  • Size of business and others
Popularly regarded as global VoIP, it comprises of leading regions like:

  • USA
  • Europe
  • Asia- Pacific region
  • Latin America
  • Middle East
  • India
  • Australia
  • Singapore etc.
An ongoing study is predicting that VoIP services need is going to upscale from $10,000 to $1,000,000 (hypothetically speaking- it's an on-going study.)

VoIP market Research-IP Momentum

The VoIP report is a well- planned overall summary of the VoIP market in the global level inclusive of a detailed analysis of market strategies, perspectives, assembly of data, sales, contact details etc.

A market research report in VoIP this 2018 includes:

1. Eradication of telephones.

Phones have died out and VoIP systems like mobile VoIP, VoIP for all have emerged very well. Back then, it was sad to see people making ISD calls for as high as $1/ min. Now, it's almost for free- all thanks to VoIP solutions.

2. Smarter voice assistants.

You know Siri? He's a part of this. Several leading VoIP providers have been able to develop voice assistants, helping in enabling VoIP features like call forwarding very beautifully.

3. AI shall enhance VoIP for businesses and call centers.

It is anticipated that AI unified communication program shall analyze conversations, speech patterns and e-mail correspondence in no time, in order to produce essential insights into sales performance as well as customer behavior.

4. Faster networking.

With that amazing upgrade in a network, download speeds, video conference quality etc. in VoIP services by several VoIP providers across the world will get better. All VoIP needs is a good IP phone service as well as good bandwidth for the best calling experience-it's all set at affordable rates now.

Want to experience the best VoIP service? Well, go ahead, do your research and straighten out your communication technique right away. Without affordable, quality communication, your business will never get through, even if, you've got the best ideas.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Top 7 VoIP Service Features your company needs today

VoIP, as you already know, has been in the mainstream competition with landline services for a long time now. Fortunately, landlines have almost died out. VoIP is getting better, much much better and has contributed greatly to not just the corporate sectors but, to personal lives of people too. Efficiency, affordability and networking- that’s what VoIP is all about.

Following are top 7 features of VoIP services which your company needs today:

IP Momentum

Faxing over IP

Faxing still hasn’t died out and won’t. With fax communication over IP, it’s still done across industries, markets and companies. Moreover, digital faxing is also possible, eradicating the need of a landline phone as well as a physical fax machine. 

Integrating with your security system

Due to security issues, a lot of companies did not allow phones in the workplace. Which is why, security systems were integrated with analog phones, making security very difficult. With the introduction of VoIP services, security systems have eased out exceptionally, giving room for not just verification but, communication amongst employees, free of cost.

Call analytics

Keep track of who does what- who calls when and more. VoIP services have an exceptional feature called call analytics wherein, the company can have access to an analysis of the number of calls made, the details and more. The good part- nobody can manipulate with phone calls or be dishonest at any point. Also, if you lose out on numbers, all you need to do is, go back to the record and verify it!

This feature is needed for all kinds of business, call centres and more to ensure good customer services, quality of calls and much more!

Video conferencing 

Not applicable for all VoIP providers however, can be made possible with the simple availability of a web camera. Video conferencing helps the company get in touch with prospects, business partners, employees and others across locations in no time, at the most affordable rates.

Music on hold

With the music on hold feature, not just call centers but, juniors at work can put the call of others on hold in order to ensure they send across the right message to the right individual. Music on hold not just keeps the customers in the loop but, buys you sometime to get the answer you need from your colleagues and excel in customer services!

As VoIP technology gets more mature, the feature list is only going to keep exceling. As it is, the gap between POTS and VoIP is already very wide but with time, there are fewer reasons to keep landline phones around. So, say goodbye to landlines and hello to affordable VoIP solutions today!

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

7 most essential questions you must ask while buying a business VoIP phone

Companies need to justify why they’re doing, what they are doing. Sometimes, software updates. Changes in website names, templates etc. are some common judgement calls we take as business persons and nobody likes to waste money or say goodbye to their respective incentives. Here are top 7 questions which are most essential with regard to inquiry while buying your business VoIP phone service:

Business VoIP Phone

Is a VoIP phone service required?

The answer is obvious- yes, you need it. However, this is the obvious case only when you want to network across the country, continent and globe! 

VoIP services help you to connect with your prospects, partners, clients and other stakeholders in no time, at the most affordable rates. 

Irrespective of the size of your business, type, and other differences, it’s essential to make use of such tools for the most effective and efficient use of time, money and other resources. 

Isn’t it convenient to make use of smart phones for business or official purposes?

Speaking on behalf of a variety of experiences as well as research, it is found that smart phones can be used for official purposes however, it can definitely act as a distractor. Which is why, it’s advised for all business persons to have access to IP phones given by IP phone service providers and make the most out of it. Moreover, when one leaves a company, he shall take his smartphone with him too which can be restricted with such a change.

If a company has always used landlines throughout its company’s life, is it okay to switch to VoIP services? Will it negatively affect the company?

The fact is that landlines have almost shut down and it makes no sense for a company to make any further investment on such a vain product. With VoIP services in your company, the employees may take some time to adapt depending upon their exposure to VoIP. However, in less than 2 weeks, your company will be back to normal- only better!

More importantly, with VoIP services, you can enjoy a variety of smart features like video conferencing, click to call, call forwarding and more in no time, at the most affordable rates.

How to determine the best VoIP provider for each company/ your company?

A little bit of research and a little bit of review reading shall do the trick for you. Also, you can always fill out the ‘contact us’ form in order to request a quote or know more. 

Also, while picking out the right VoIP provider, you need to look out for how complicated it is, whether you have enough bandwidth to afford the service provider, the accessibility aspect and more.

Is there are VoIP service provider as convenient to use as a landline? 

Not many VoIP providers make it convenient enough to be used. However, some VoIP providers like IP Momentum are good. Just in case you need their help with regard to its functionality, just give them a call anytime, anywhere. 

Which are some of the many VoIP features available, unlike landlines?

Landlines have 1 major drawback other than being outdated- they have a variety of smart features which shall cater to a variety of businesses:
  • Voicemail to email 
  • Call forwarding and recording
  • Voicemail to text
  • Call queues 
  • Extension dialing
  • Conference calling 
  • Toll- free number plans
  • Unlimited calling plans 
  • Directory assistance
  • Missed call notifications and so many more!

Can employees away from the location also access the business VoIP phone system? It giving access to employees to VoIP phones anytime is a concern?

That is all up to you- Your VoIP provider can always customize your unlimited calling plan which shall determine the accessibility of the information in your IP phone. Remember, if you want to keep a tab on your employees, you can always locate them, record their conversations and spy on them in all the possible ways. In fact, it’s good to give them an IP phone as it ensures professionalism at all points.

These are some basic yet, essential questions you need to ask as a company owner. Without these basic questions answered, your company cannot go anywhere towards the success of your brand.

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Friday, 23 February 2018

7 different types of IP phones best for your business

VoIP services have been popular for long enough now. However, what if you could make more profits out of this IP service by changing the kind of phone you’re using? There are so many types of IP phones to pick out from which have diversified functions which can be made use of depending upon your respective businesses.

Following are top 7 types of IP phone services which your businesses must try out as per your requirements right away:

IP Phone services

Desktop VoIP phones:

This is a standard VoIP phone which connects your VoIP phone to the VoIP service provider with the help of Ethernet. This IP phone comes with a variety of smart features like click to call, music on hold and so on.

USB phones:

These phones are a little upgraded wherein, the USB phone is directly hooked onto the computer with the help of a USB cable or USB jack. This kind of a phone can be connected to a soft phone to use a variety of applications.

Wireless IP phones: 

This is an IP phone with built- in Wi-Fi connection which connects your phone to the base section. The benefits of this IP phone is that you can move around the workplace or house freely and receive calls with the help of Hotspot as well.


This is a software application which is installed on your PC desktop or laptop which allows you to make phone calls completely from your computer. This kind of an IP phone is a great option for mobile professionals, road workers and so on as it’s an inexpensive option. Call center VoIP providers usually suggest softphones as the best IP phone service for their kind of requirements.

Video phones:

As the name suggests, this IP phone has an additional ability to capture videos with the help of a front camera which is attached to your IP phone. Such phones are a great option for meetings where one cannot make it physically meaning, it acts as a substitute for one-to-one or face-to-face meetings. The benefit of this IP phone is that it’s an affordable alternative for communication across the globe.

Conference phones:

IP phones which can which are mostly placed in large offices’ conference rooms are known as conference phones. The main function of this phone is to make conference calls i.e. connect multiple people to have an audio call with 10 people at the same time, making it different from the rest.

Switch to one of these options with regard to IP phones and see the difference in the quality of work delivered and the rise on productivity levels in no time, at the most affordable rates!

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

VoIP Trends for 2018

Now that it's 2018, VoIP is also getting older yet, more updated! VoIP services are going strong because of unparalleled mobility. Moreover, VoIP developers have this constant urge to improve technology- say hello to a lot of excitement in this hopeful year, 2018.

Faster networks shall improve VoIP call quality

I hope you know- this year expects to experience 5G mobile networks! Therefore, leaving a great impact on VoIP calls. As per updates, 5G is 10X faster than 4G implying, reduction in issues like echoes, jitters, packet losses and so much more.
With that amazing upgrade in a network, download speeds, video conference quality etc. in VoIP services by several VoIP providers across the world will get better.
Get empowered by this little yet, wonderful change!

AI or, artificial intelligence shall enhance telecommunication systems

For the record, artificial intelligence or AI has great implications for VoIP systems. The beauty of AI is that it has the ability to recognize bad quality calls, low bandwidth and so on.
It is anticipated that AI unified communication program shall analyze conversations, speech patterns and e-mail correspondence in no time, in order to produce essential insights into sales performance as well as customer behavior. 
Here's a note for marketing firms- try out VoIP services this 2018 and enjoy a guaranteed improvement in customer services and sales tactics.

Say hello to smarter voice assistants!

AI, this year, is predicted to be able to answer calls too! All thanks to AI champions like Siri, there is immense improvement in voice assistance and language processing. AI is also getting better at abiding by simple commands, having different interactions with customers.
Take this, for instance, voice bots are now being able to handle simple FAQs and on the other hand, the customer services agent are resolving more complicated issues.
If implemented for the best, you and the rest of the world will see the best results this year.

Bye-bye old telephone systems

Until last year, there were quite a lot of PSTN service phones or, landline phones which were just sad. It was a pitiful scenario- people paid Rs. 3/ min for calls and the landlines didn't even work half the time!

We all know PSTN is going to cling on to us forever, maybe. However, the number shall become minimal which is a good thing.

VoIP migration is a must this year because of these upgrades which won't cost you too much! Believe and live a smarter choice from the business perspective as well as a personal perspective. Or else, the world shall go ahead of you and you'll never know!


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Monday, 18 December 2017

9 Reasons Why Business VoIP is a Must for you

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has an assortment of incredible uses for business. In this article, we will impart ten uses to you and give you a touch of data about how these highlights can help your association. VoIP solutions are genuinely simple to send at most organizations, spares cash, and is rich with awesome business-accommodating highlights. We figure you might be astonished by what you can finish because of VoIP services.

Continue perusing to find ten incredible approaches to help your business utilizing VoIP. VoIP can enable your profitability, to keep your business streamlined, and enable you to deal with your group.

1. Conferences- Voice and video

You can set up telephone calls with various members, because of VoIP highlights. One phone call highlight incorporates extensive quantities of members, connecting together brings with over a hundred people. This is extraordinary in the event that you intend to have a substantial meeting, class or gathering. You can have a video gathering or simply utilize sound, on the off chance that you do as such.

2. Call Screening

With call screening, you can screen out specific calls to enable you to expand your efficiency and furthermore enable you to maintain a strategic distance from calls from con artists or other people who ought not call your telephone framework.  

3. Entryway Passage Bell

Another imaginative utilization of VoIP has you make an entryway bell by coordinating your cell phone, your VoIP framework and your security framework together. You can have your entryway bolt/open instrument controlled from your cell phone and choose on the off chance that you need to enable individuals at your way to enter the building. You can set up a video and sound encourage to the entryway and see and speak with them before choosing on the off chance that you need to open the entryway—making this an awesome approach to enhance your building's security usefulness and furthermore monitor who is traveling every which way at your business.

4. Phone message to Email

You can have your voice messages interpreted to your email, so you can read the full content of your messages, on the off chance that you need, and access them abide far from your telephone. This can make it less complex to deal with your phone message. That way, you have your voice message and messages across the board place and you don't need to leave your email screen to get your messages on the two frameworks.

5. Music on Hold

At the point when individuals call your business, what do they hear when they are on hold? Many organizations still do leave this clear and have nothing play back for guests, yet it bodes well to set up this element on your VoIP account so guests don't hang up out of fatigue or disappointment. This can help keep guests on your telephone longer, so you don't chance losing significant business. You can set up the music to dependably play at whatever point guests are put on hold.

6. Fin/ follow me feature

This feature keeps your telephone framework working at whatever point individuals are far from their work areas and can't answer the telephone. As you go on business trips, advance out of the workplace or go home to complete your work remotely, you may need your telephone calls tail you there. It is reasonable to set up your business telephone framework that way, at whatever point conceivable.

Along these lines, as well, summons to cell phones from the workplace can at present give off an impression of being dealt with inside the workplace building. Indeed, even cell phones appear as though they are simply operators noting calls as a feature of a similar telephone line. Regardless of where your operators are, they can take an interest as a feature of the telephone framework.

7. Remote Working

You can even work remotely with VoIP, making it simpler to make tracks in an opposite direction from your office. Or on the other hand, you can set up an office at home, make a conveyed group and work from anyplace, and so forth. With VoIP services, you are not confined by geology. You can contract your group from anyplace and have them all associated into a similar telephone framework, as though they were a piece of the same physical office area. This can enable you to finish more at work and lift your efficiency, as well. With dispersed groups winding up increasingly normal, numerous organizations require an approach to keep everybody in close correspondence. VoIP can make that conceivable.

8. Call Need

You can set need rules for calls coming in to your telephone lines, making it conceivable to effortlessly dismiss calls or forward them to different expansions in light of need levels. You can likewise set up call lines that assistance channel calls as indicated by need. Doing this is useful for organizations that are keen on controlling who is calling, how calls are replied, and who answers telephone out of this world in.

For example, in the event that you need to ensure inside calls from administration are taken care of quickly rather than tossed into the telephone line, you can set up the telephone line to organize calls rolling in from those particular telephone numbers. You can likewise set up various levels of client benefit, in the event that you need, enabling a few clients to have higher need in the telephone lines.

9. Barge in and Whisper Highlights

Did you know you can even give preparing and criticism to specialists while they are amidst a call with a client? Utilizing freight ship, you can enter a call and tune in, enabling the operator to think about it or keeping that a mystery from them. In any case, the guest has no clue you are tuning in to the call. With whisper highlights, you can make notes and send them to specialist amid the call and discuss continuously with the operator while they are on the telephone, and the client does not know. This makes it less demanding to give preparing to specialists while they are amidst telephone calls.

You can utilize this as a quality control work, as well, permitting you or somebody from your group to tune in on calls and either remain covered up to the operator or enable the specialist to know they are being watched. It makes it simpler to know about what specialists are doing on the telephone and how they are taking care of calls.

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