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VoIP Tutorial- A Deep Understanding About VoIP

Let's get to the root of VoIP- what exactly is VoIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology wherein, data packets are the medium used to transmit information from one point to another over using devices like computers, phones etc. It's an affordable alternative to make calls especially, international calls. You'll save huge amounts of money once you switch from PSTN to VoIP services with just monthly fees, all thanks to unlimited calling plans VoIP, toll- free number plans and more.

All you need is, is an IP phone, quality broadband connection, VoIP headsets to go about basic VoIP calling on a daily basis.

Here's how VoIP works:

Voice is converted via an ATA or, IP phone from analog signals to digital signals.
Then, it's sent in data packets to the desired location(s.)
Your call can be received by all kinds of phones without any glitches.
Enjoy multiple features like click to call, music on hold, video conferencing, call forwarding, etc. which is 100% beneficial for home VoIP, business VoIP and call center VoIP users as well.

VoIP is a very fast-developing technology however, not everyone's aware of it. VoIP providers all across the globe are trying to help prospects make the most out of it and let go off of PSTN. Not only is it affordable but, it's a shift from the traditional, time-consuming calling system, saving up on time, money, energy and more.

Also, you can receive and make calls no matter where you go, make calls PC- to- PC, phone-to-phone and so on which is one of the most basic yet, essential features of VoIP.

All who have an internet connection at work or, at home, try out VoIP services, reach out to VoIP providers in India, Singapore, USA, UK, and so on and make calls to anyone and everyone for free with unlimited calling plans VoIP.

But, do remember one thing- VoIP is basic, it's developing, it's wonderful- it's THE Present and the future!

But, what about the technicalities needed to get a VoIP phone or, a network installed?

All you need is (in most cases,) 128kbps broadband connection, a DSL/ Cable, T1 or wireless- all up to you!
Also, enjoy multiple perks by installing VoIP at your workplace as well as home like:
  • unlimited calling plans VoIP
  • smart features like call hunting, holiday number, etc.
  • 24*7 reliable customer services
  • flexibility and customization of plans
  • virtual numbers- toll- free number plans, vanity number plans
  • Portability and much more!


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The Versatility of Vanity Toll- Free Numbers

Toll- free numbers, as we know are a fixture in the corporate sector. It carries a 50- year- old history at it's back- that is several lifetimes ago in the telecommunication world. 

Did you know? The very first 'automated collect call' number was introduced by AT&T in 1967.
It's very wrong on our part to think that toll- free numbers are out- dated. That they are old and it's no big deal to make unlimited calls. Yes, you can be forgiven to think so ill about toll- free number plans. However, that's how it all began- communicating from one country to another at cheap prices and most importantly, connecting with all!

Those '1-800' numbers are still huge businesses and are regarded as extremely valuable assets to those who make use and deal with them every day!
Here's a question for you- does your company require a toll- free VoIP plan? If so, how much does it cost? What are it's benefits? Most importantly, what's the best way to get one?
It always makes more sense to know how toll- free numbers work, how they've changed in recent times and their benefits before you plunge into anything more complicated.

The history of the toll- free number (1-800) is extremely fascinating but, all you need to know is that they do not come free of cost. The original set- up was that it was a courtesy to customers as they would make expensive long distance calls. With this business, the call started playing the charges, not the caller! Back then, when this idea was fascinated, the toll- free rates were extortionate, a lot more high than regular calls. Which is why, toll- free number plans were used by big businesses who were capable of handling the expenses monthly. Later, came Bezerk, the company which made toll- free numbers accessible to a wide range of businesses.

Post this, came vanity numbers wherein, the numbers were too easy for the public to remember- 1-800- Burgers anyone?

Toll- free number VoIP service plans in India and several other countries were introduced to just one service provider- once you left it, you had to leave the number behind as well.
In the year 1933, the FCC passed a rule that all 1-800 or toll- free numbers must be portable.
With so many positive developments, toll- free numbers in USA, etc. became popular and FCC reserved more prefix numbers- from 822- 888.

Why toll- free numbers? 
They're very professional. 
Getting your brand's toll- free number definitely legitimized you in the business but, it gives you national presence as well. Toll- free number plans help businesses grow on a national and international level which is what each business needs!

An exceptional marketing tool.
The moment you print your toll- free number on your marketing materials, it's extremely busy to get your customers or potential leads! They can call you from anywhere and psychologically speaking, 1-800 number is still very powerful. They assume it to be a free calling number and call without thinking twice.
Vanity numbers- easy to remember but, difficult to forget! A survey found that 84% individuals remembered a billboard toll- free number in a span of a few seconds, 72% heard it over the radio and so on. 
With multiple toll- free numbers, you can text your marketing campaigns better. Each number takes care of each campaign, determining the success of each of them.

Toll- free number plans are an island of familiarity in the world of mobile phones!

Dramatic but, true- a 1-800 number centralizes things no matter what your location is or, how scattered your mobile workforce may be. One contact number and, all will reach you no matter where you go, what you do. Most importantly, you don't even have to change your business cards all the time as the number is the same!


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Thursday, 26 July 2018

Why do Small Businesses Need to Adapt to Small Business VoIP?

Your ever-growing small business needs a small business VoIP service that provides with just what you want. You need a VoIP service provider who seems to be fitting in into your system. There are several VoIP service providers in India which provide with customized plans, consisting of several smart features and this and that which shall help you meet your business requirements. 

With an exceptional VoIP system installed and efficiently running well in your company to reach out to each and every employee out there for you and your employees, you shall be able to work more efficiently. Therefore, attaining a lot more than you used to in a very brief period of time. 
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It's fun when you enjoy several benefits of being aware of the fact that your VoIP services and solutions provider is the most reliable of all- especially while handling important business matters. There are several other benefits which shall help your brand accomplish heights:

Schedule your respective business hours: Enjoy working virtually whenever you choose to, from any location! All you need is one designated telephone extension from your VoIP service provider and your clients will be able to reach out to you anytime, anywhere by dialing just one number. The call can ring through your smartphone as well. Outgoing calls can also be taken care of with this number. Point being, whether you're at the airport or, at a hotel, or wherever, you can keep track of your official activities. 

Telecommute with ease and style: Enjoy advanced communications system which can help you connect you with any office or even with everyone who is a part of your company at the same time irrespective of the locations. All thanks to VoIP service providers in India, you can now dial a single extension and you can get in touch with Europe of the US!

Usage of diverse messaging features: This is a wonderful feature to use as you can make use of voice mail transcription where you can read your voicemails in the middle of your meeting or even during an argument at home as it's inappropriate or impossible to listen to them no matter how important they are. Or, you can also send out those transcriptions via e-mail or fax to whosoever you wish to anytime! This is a very sophisticated feature as it makes sure you do not disturb anyone and do what you have to at a particular point in time.

Request multiple contact numbers: VoIP service providers often provide with multiple phone numbers to their clients either, for free or by paying a very nominal fee. Several VoIP providers in India and several other countries provide with virtual faxing options, toll- free numbers and so on. The best VoIP service will also provide you with a wide range of unlimited calling plans, customized and flexible plans!

All you need to do is allow your VoIP phone to occupy it's space and it'll show it's magic to you!


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Monday, 23 July 2018

How to get best VoIP service providers in India?

VoIP today has evolved both commercially and technologically. One- third of companies and residences now are using VoIP services which is an unbelievable progress. VoIP is so popular amongst all because of the facilities they provide like, conference calling, call forwarding and so on. USA-making the most out of it and countries like Australia as well are enjoying VoIP services at it's fullest. VoIP is accepted by all and it's popularity is making it a budding business to be a part of or even own it!

India being a country with one of the most migrants and maximum outsourced services and people are making the most out of VoIP services as well! However, you as a client must ask certain questions to find out which VoIP service in India shall benefit you the most.

Following are the questions you must ask your VoIP service provider:

1. Can you provide with client testimonials and reviews?

This is probably one of the only evidences for the fact that people have actually used that particular VoIP service. You would not want to get trapped by reading something that is not the true, ain't that true? Client testimonials and reviews are like the clients communicating their experience with the company's VoIP services they purchased. Reviews too are helpful as they rate the service and it definitely gives you a pictures, as a client as to how good the service is.

2. Do you have an active customer service/ support team?

Another very important question is regarding how active their customer service is. There's no point in investing in VoIP service providers whose customer service is completely dead once you purchase their services. You need to purchase VoIP services of a company whose customer service is proactive enough to give you regular updates regarding the offers, updates or even when your service crashes down and so on.

3. Can VoIP service plans be switched from time to time?

We, as customers, tend to buy VoIP service plans which are not too big ones. This happens for 2 reasons- either you don't trust your service provider completely or, you are unaware of your requirement! You need to be owning or looking out for VoIP service providers which are flexible. It does not make sense for you to own a service which is completely inflexible. So, look out for VoIP service providers which respect your fluctuations and are open to you changing your plans whenever you wish to.

4. Is there an industry benchmark as far as call quality and deliverability is concerned?

No VoIP service provider will guarantee you with 100% good call quality and deliverability. The ones who do, they are lying. Reason being, approximately, only 98% of regions can have good quality call services. It's all about your broadband service and the region you are contacting from and the region you're contacting at.

5. Are there any additional features provided along with VoIP calls?

Irrespective of the reason behind you using VoIP services, additional features are a must. Yes, commercial and residential VoIP have different requirements with respect to the additional features. For instance, call forwarding may not be as beneficial for residential use as it will be for commercial use. On the other hand, video conferencing is a great option for both! Look at your additional features, see if the VoIP service provider is flexible to make changes. It depends upon individual- whether he wants to be content with what they get or what they want.

Bottom line being, VoIP services are great. However, what may be great for you, may not be the best option for someone else. It completely varies from individual to individual. You as a customer must judge the VoIP service provider well and then purchase it. Because, what is the point of cursing VoIP just because you did not choose the right VoIP service providers in India? Have clarity with what exactly what you want, do your research, speak to multiple service providers and then go for the right one. Moreover, make it a point to verify every detail they specify to prevent any difficulties later.

What Has Made Prepaid VoIP so popular?

Voice over Internet Protocol, also called VoIP is a very popular service provided for commercial as well as residential uses. Then, one fine day, prepaid VoIP came up. The same concept- but, just prepaid!

Prepaid VoIP is not too old a concept. After extensive research, Prepaid VoIP Providers came up due to a very simple reason that they would prefer knowing how much they are paying for the VoIP services they are being provided rather than, seeing long, expensive bills at the end of every month. Prepaid VoIP's primary aim is-- Only pay for what you use. 

Prepaid VoIP provides with:

  1. Low call rates for international calling cards.
  2. Consecutive calling facility, where there's no need to enter the same phone number every time. 
  3. They are tamper proof- a unique access code is provided to every prepaid VoIP user by scratching off a part of the card. 
  4. The telephone rates are valid 24*7 until the validity period ends. 
  5. No need to worry about the customer care services as they are readily available for assistance.
  6. No extra charges, no contract has to be signed, no long term commitments have to be made. 
  7. You get immediate available balance information each time you request for it.
  8. You get a reminder when you have only a minute left on your prepaid phone card

Prepaid VoIP is:

1. Simple- Yes, VoIP is not a computer that it will not understand humans and their requirements. We humans, love it when things are simple, don't we? Prepaid VoIP has made the entire complex process of VoIP so very simple by simply making it prepaid! All you need to do is, choose your desired plans and pay for it! Use it until it expires or gets over and pay again. That way, you are safe, you know how much you are spending. Simple, isn't it?

2. Highly flexible- The internet is widely used in today's world. If you want to manage your prepaid VoIP  service, all you have to do is log onto the website and connect with your VoIP service provider!

3. Powerful- There's a constant initiation made by VoIP providers to hide the complexity of their product for you, as a user. Be assured, it's extremely powerful under the hood! The feature selection and so on is done carefully, thinking only about the users. VoIP is growing and getting more powerful every advancing day.

4. Affordable- When someone comes across anything affordable, they leave everything aside! Ultimately, that individual has to pay for the services they sign up for, right? Prepaid VoIP has been successful at being loved by it's users! It's just so relieving for the user to not pay their phone bill at the end of every month and being completely aware of what and how much they are paying!

Prepaid VoIP is the same as VoIP, only difference being, it's prepaid! There's nothing to worry about, it's something to be happy about as a user because it's been developed just for you! 

Enjoy this service at it's fullest and make the most out of it!

Residential VoIP Service Providers in India

Are you not tired of using the old fashioned home phone service? Are you looking for a service that is both reliable and cost effective? If your answer is yes! then consider VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as your home phone system. You can a find huge number of Residential VoIP Service Providers offering services with varied features. Choose the best among numerous VoIP vendors to cut your monthly phone service bill up to 70% or even more. 


What is Residential VoIP?

As we all know that VoIP uses your existing Internet connection to make phone calls but providing a wide range of benefits like lower call rates, best features and more. Residential VoIP works similar to Business VoIP but it is less expensive when compare to the traditional phone system.

Benefits of Residential VoIP Services:

  • Eliminate the use of unnecessary telephone cables running all over the house
  • Save money on local, national and international calls
  • Superior features of Residential VoIP Services
  • Features of Residential VoIP Services

With Residential VoIP you will get loads of extra features which you would have never seen in traditional phone system. features include,

Call Forwarding: With this feature you can forward calls to other numbers and send calls to the right location.
Blacklist: You can block unwanted calls like tele marketing calls and others.

Distinctive Ring: In case if your residential phone system has more than one line, you can personalize the ring tones so that you can know exactly which line is ringing.

Call waiting with caller ID: With this option you can see who is calling when you are on another call.

Free calling with other subscribers: If your friends and family choose the same Residential VoIP Service Provider, you can enjoy free calls from any location at all times.

Choosing the best VoIP Vendor

Finding the best Residential VoIP Service Providers is not an easy task as we think, as there are lot of things we need to check before investing on any VoIP Vendors and they are,

Research: Before jumping to conclusion and signing the contract paper with any VoIP Vendor, do a complete research on their services they provide. Compare services, pricing and quality with other service providers. Check out for customer reviews and ratings and also social media pages to see their interaction with customers.

Internet Service: Broadband connection is a must for any VoIP Services, so make sure that you Residential VoIP Service Provider  is offering you a high speed internet connection. There should be a minimum of 3Mbps speed for the best sound quality and full access to calling features.

Equipment: Make sure your VoIP Service Provider is offering you high quality equipment like IP Phone, modem, router or a VoIP Adapter.

Keeping all things in mind choose a better Residential VoIP Service Provider. 

IP Momentum is one of the best VoIP service providers in India among various Residential VoIP Service Providers. IP Momentum offers numerous VoIP service plans at an affordable price. 

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Know more about your VoIP features

Several aspects of VoIP make it a very flexible, efficient and scalable technology. Here's how VoIP makes it work at it's best for it's clients:

1. Faxing over VoIP

Even today, clients fax each other all the time. Some things cannot be replaced- one of the is fax.

Back then, when faxing came into being, they were used with the help of landlines. Even today, in spite of having VoIP phones, we fax using our landlines and fax machines. What if it breaks down someday and you have to send a fax immediately? VoIP offers something called digital faxing via VoIP services, eliminating the need to maintain a landline just for faxing along with a fax machine! Digital faxing has helped so many organizations send a receive files via their email inboxes. The incoming faxes can be printed, if required as they are attached to emails in an image format. Outgoing faxes also have the same procedure.

For a long time, companies haven't made use of the very versatile, VoIP services- Faxing over VoIP function. But, it's no longer so.


2. Security systems integrated

Another reason to have landlines in the office building- Not anymore!

Most security systems are integrated with analog phone for enabling operations, to allow visitors enter and so on. For a long time, this was next to impossible with the help of VoIP technology. This feature again, is not too popular amongst all- deployments can work well with security systems now to enable door locking, visitor entry and other options.

It's a good news for several enterprises which are considering to upgrade their security and VoIP systems for their premises at the same time.

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3. Call analytics

The lifeblood of any business is no more money or equipment, it's the data as a matter of fact! Data in today's time plays an integral role in every company's process to drive it towards efficiency and productivity. Voice communication is no more different. With the help of analog phones, barely any data could be collected and analyzed. Ever since VoIP has taken over the data network, integration with other software's, destinations, frequencies and so on can be generated periodically for analysis.

Analytics reports can be extremely useful for improving quality of calls, evaluating the need of new features or to determine customer satisfaction as well. You'll have all the information like, where the voice mails are being re- routed, whether the signals are always busy or not and so on.

4. Call screening

Call screening options using analog phones were very limited back then. It was frustrating and extremely distracting. Some action was needed on the receiver's end which would cause major interruptions at crucial points of time! VoIP technology is simple- users can set up their own rules with regard to when their phones could ring or where.

For instance, the CEO of xyz company can block 3 hours a day during which the calls are automatically redirected to his colleague or the concerned individual and is allowed to contact the CEO only through their office. The rest is sent across as voice mails.

5. Find me / follow me

All the users have to do is as a list of numbers which can be used when they have to get in touch with him via call. All these numbers either ring one by one or simultaneously so that the caller is able to reach the user irrespective of where he is! This feature can be combined with call screening to make sure that only certain numbers can reach out to them.

6. 'Whisper to employees'

This is a funny yet amazingly effective one, especially, beneficial for the sales team of any company. All they need to do is put the client on hold and clarify their doubt or finish any task quickly and go back to work. That way, they do not lose out on their customers and their colleague too can help them instantly!

VoIP is not just a technology, it's beyond that. Reason being, it can provide so much by taking so little. Make the most out of VoIP to see great results!

IP Momentum is the leading VoIP service providers in India For Business, Residential's,also offering UK,USA Toll Free Numbers, unlimited VoIP calling plans and so on..


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