Saturday, 21 July 2018

A comparative study between VoIP services and GSM

GSM, in simple words, are the sim cards we use to make calls using smart phones. Thanks to VoIP, things have changed for the better. Because of the introduction to VoIP services in India, GSM calls have been reduced drastically especially, with regard to international calling because of VoIP offers like unlimited calling plans VoIP to USA, UK, Canada, Europe etc.

Here are 6 points which shall give you a comparative analysis with regard to which is better- GSM or, VoIP:

1. Cost of international calling: Imagine, you're an Indian and, want to fly to the USA- would you buy a local sim or, opt for the holiday number by VoIP providers which is way more cheaper? VoIP is taking over GSM, traditional calling systems and so on at a very fast pace for the better.

2. Prices for local calls: When you opt for SIM cards, keep in mind the tariffs for each call you make within the country- it should not be expensive for you. Which is why VoIP calls are a great choice to make- enjoy unlimited calling plans VoIP!

3. Internet connection availability: GSM does not need the internet unless you install apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. and make VoIP calls via that. However, when it comes to VoIP solutions, it's a must to own a good internet connection as data packets are sent across via this channel which cannot be compromised.

4. The level of protection of SIM cards: It's easy to commit SIM card frauds, block the SIM and so on. You may or may not come to know the source. However, if you look at the way VoIP functions, it's a cakewalk to track down the sinner. Make this system anti- fraud with VoIP providers in India and all across the globe.

5. A number of communication channels: Did you know, VoIP providers can readily provide with 16, 32 etc. connections- what about SIM cards? Just to receive 1 duplicate SIM card, there will be so much ruckus and, it's impossible for 32 connections from the same connection!

6.  Technical support:: Since VoIP is a technical product in comparison to GSM, there's up-to-date 24*7 customer services available for the customers of VoIP. However- look at GSM, something goes wrong and, they shut down and come back to take calls once the problem is over in order to escape explaining to their customers what exactly went wrong!

You've got a clear difference between 2 services, providing with so much difficulty as well as ease- now, it's your turn to pick out the right choice! Especially, businesses!


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