Wednesday, 28 February 2018

7 most essential questions you must ask while buying a business VoIP phone

Companies need to justify why they’re doing, what they are doing. Sometimes, software updates. Changes in website names, templates etc. are some common judgement calls we take as business persons and nobody likes to waste money or say goodbye to their respective incentives. Here are top 7 questions which are most essential with regard to inquiry while buying your business VoIP phone service:

Business VoIP Phone

Is a VoIP phone service required?

The answer is obvious- yes, you need it. However, this is the obvious case only when you want to network across the country, continent and globe! 

VoIP services help you to connect with your prospects, partners, clients and other stakeholders in no time, at the most affordable rates. 

Irrespective of the size of your business, type, and other differences, it’s essential to make use of such tools for the most effective and efficient use of time, money and other resources. 

Isn’t it convenient to make use of smart phones for business or official purposes?

Speaking on behalf of a variety of experiences as well as research, it is found that smart phones can be used for official purposes however, it can definitely act as a distractor. Which is why, it’s advised for all business persons to have access to IP phones given by IP phone service providers and make the most out of it. Moreover, when one leaves a company, he shall take his smartphone with him too which can be restricted with such a change.

If a company has always used landlines throughout its company’s life, is it okay to switch to VoIP services? Will it negatively affect the company?

The fact is that landlines have almost shut down and it makes no sense for a company to make any further investment on such a vain product. With VoIP services in your company, the employees may take some time to adapt depending upon their exposure to VoIP. However, in less than 2 weeks, your company will be back to normal- only better!

More importantly, with VoIP services, you can enjoy a variety of smart features like video conferencing, click to call, call forwarding and more in no time, at the most affordable rates.

How to determine the best VoIP provider for each company/ your company?

A little bit of research and a little bit of review reading shall do the trick for you. Also, you can always fill out the ‘contact us’ form in order to request a quote or know more. 

Also, while picking out the right VoIP provider, you need to look out for how complicated it is, whether you have enough bandwidth to afford the service provider, the accessibility aspect and more.

Is there are VoIP service provider as convenient to use as a landline? 

Not many VoIP providers make it convenient enough to be used. However, some VoIP providers like IP Momentum are good. Just in case you need their help with regard to its functionality, just give them a call anytime, anywhere. 

Which are some of the many VoIP features available, unlike landlines?

Landlines have 1 major drawback other than being outdated- they have a variety of smart features which shall cater to a variety of businesses:
  • Voicemail to email 
  • Call forwarding and recording
  • Voicemail to text
  • Call queues 
  • Extension dialing
  • Conference calling 
  • Toll- free number plans
  • Unlimited calling plans 
  • Directory assistance
  • Missed call notifications and so many more!

Can employees away from the location also access the business VoIP phone system? It giving access to employees to VoIP phones anytime is a concern?

That is all up to you- Your VoIP provider can always customize your unlimited calling plan which shall determine the accessibility of the information in your IP phone. Remember, if you want to keep a tab on your employees, you can always locate them, record their conversations and spy on them in all the possible ways. In fact, it’s good to give them an IP phone as it ensures professionalism at all points.

These are some basic yet, essential questions you need to ask as a company owner. Without these basic questions answered, your company cannot go anywhere towards the success of your brand.

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Friday, 23 February 2018

7 different types of IP phones best for your business

VoIP services have been popular for long enough now. However, what if you could make more profits out of this IP service by changing the kind of phone you’re using? There are so many types of IP phones to pick out from which have diversified functions which can be made use of depending upon your respective businesses.

Following are top 7 types of IP phone services which your businesses must try out as per your requirements right away:

IP Phone services

Desktop VoIP phones:

This is a standard VoIP phone which connects your VoIP phone to the VoIP service provider with the help of Ethernet. This IP phone comes with a variety of smart features like click to call, music on hold and so on.

USB phones:

These phones are a little upgraded wherein, the USB phone is directly hooked onto the computer with the help of a USB cable or USB jack. This kind of a phone can be connected to a soft phone to use a variety of applications.

Wireless IP phones: 

This is an IP phone with built- in Wi-Fi connection which connects your phone to the base section. The benefits of this IP phone is that you can move around the workplace or house freely and receive calls with the help of Hotspot as well.


This is a software application which is installed on your PC desktop or laptop which allows you to make phone calls completely from your computer. This kind of an IP phone is a great option for mobile professionals, road workers and so on as it’s an inexpensive option. Call center VoIP providers usually suggest softphones as the best IP phone service for their kind of requirements.

Video phones:

As the name suggests, this IP phone has an additional ability to capture videos with the help of a front camera which is attached to your IP phone. Such phones are a great option for meetings where one cannot make it physically meaning, it acts as a substitute for one-to-one or face-to-face meetings. The benefit of this IP phone is that it’s an affordable alternative for communication across the globe.

Conference phones:

IP phones which can which are mostly placed in large offices’ conference rooms are known as conference phones. The main function of this phone is to make conference calls i.e. connect multiple people to have an audio call with 10 people at the same time, making it different from the rest.

Switch to one of these options with regard to IP phones and see the difference in the quality of work delivered and the rise on productivity levels in no time, at the most affordable rates!