Monday, 23 July 2018

What Has Made Prepaid VoIP so popular?

Voice over Internet Protocol, also called VoIP is a very popular service provided for commercial as well as residential uses. Then, one fine day, prepaid VoIP came up. The same concept- but, just prepaid!

Prepaid VoIP is not too old a concept. After extensive research, Prepaid VoIP Providers came up due to a very simple reason that they would prefer knowing how much they are paying for the VoIP services they are being provided rather than, seeing long, expensive bills at the end of every month. Prepaid VoIP's primary aim is-- Only pay for what you use. 

Prepaid VoIP provides with:

  1. Low call rates for international calling cards.
  2. Consecutive calling facility, where there's no need to enter the same phone number every time. 
  3. They are tamper proof- a unique access code is provided to every prepaid VoIP user by scratching off a part of the card. 
  4. The telephone rates are valid 24*7 until the validity period ends. 
  5. No need to worry about the customer care services as they are readily available for assistance.
  6. No extra charges, no contract has to be signed, no long term commitments have to be made. 
  7. You get immediate available balance information each time you request for it.
  8. You get a reminder when you have only a minute left on your prepaid phone card

Prepaid VoIP is:

1. Simple- Yes, VoIP is not a computer that it will not understand humans and their requirements. We humans, love it when things are simple, don't we? Prepaid VoIP has made the entire complex process of VoIP so very simple by simply making it prepaid! All you need to do is, choose your desired plans and pay for it! Use it until it expires or gets over and pay again. That way, you are safe, you know how much you are spending. Simple, isn't it?

2. Highly flexible- The internet is widely used in today's world. If you want to manage your prepaid VoIP  service, all you have to do is log onto the website and connect with your VoIP service provider!

3. Powerful- There's a constant initiation made by VoIP providers to hide the complexity of their product for you, as a user. Be assured, it's extremely powerful under the hood! The feature selection and so on is done carefully, thinking only about the users. VoIP is growing and getting more powerful every advancing day.

4. Affordable- When someone comes across anything affordable, they leave everything aside! Ultimately, that individual has to pay for the services they sign up for, right? Prepaid VoIP has been successful at being loved by it's users! It's just so relieving for the user to not pay their phone bill at the end of every month and being completely aware of what and how much they are paying!

Prepaid VoIP is the same as VoIP, only difference being, it's prepaid! There's nothing to worry about, it's something to be happy about as a user because it's been developed just for you! 

Enjoy this service at it's fullest and make the most out of it!

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