Monday, 23 July 2018

Residential VoIP Service Providers in India

Are you not tired of using the old fashioned home phone service? Are you looking for a service that is both reliable and cost effective? If your answer is yes! then consider VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) as your home phone system. You can a find huge number of Residential VoIP Service Providers offering services with varied features. Choose the best among numerous VoIP vendors to cut your monthly phone service bill up to 70% or even more. 


What is Residential VoIP?

As we all know that VoIP uses your existing Internet connection to make phone calls but providing a wide range of benefits like lower call rates, best features and more. Residential VoIP works similar to Business VoIP but it is less expensive when compare to the traditional phone system.

Benefits of Residential VoIP Services:

  • Eliminate the use of unnecessary telephone cables running all over the house
  • Save money on local, national and international calls
  • Superior features of Residential VoIP Services
  • Features of Residential VoIP Services

With Residential VoIP you will get loads of extra features which you would have never seen in traditional phone system. features include,

Call Forwarding: With this feature you can forward calls to other numbers and send calls to the right location.
Blacklist: You can block unwanted calls like tele marketing calls and others.

Distinctive Ring: In case if your residential phone system has more than one line, you can personalize the ring tones so that you can know exactly which line is ringing.

Call waiting with caller ID: With this option you can see who is calling when you are on another call.

Free calling with other subscribers: If your friends and family choose the same Residential VoIP Service Provider, you can enjoy free calls from any location at all times.

Choosing the best VoIP Vendor

Finding the best Residential VoIP Service Providers is not an easy task as we think, as there are lot of things we need to check before investing on any VoIP Vendors and they are,

Research: Before jumping to conclusion and signing the contract paper with any VoIP Vendor, do a complete research on their services they provide. Compare services, pricing and quality with other service providers. Check out for customer reviews and ratings and also social media pages to see their interaction with customers.

Internet Service: Broadband connection is a must for any VoIP Services, so make sure that you Residential VoIP Service Provider  is offering you a high speed internet connection. There should be a minimum of 3Mbps speed for the best sound quality and full access to calling features.

Equipment: Make sure your VoIP Service Provider is offering you high quality equipment like IP Phone, modem, router or a VoIP Adapter.

Keeping all things in mind choose a better Residential VoIP Service Provider. 

IP Momentum is one of the best VoIP service providers in India among various Residential VoIP Service Providers. IP Momentum offers numerous VoIP service plans at an affordable price. 

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