Monday, 6 February 2017

5 Call Center VoIP Trends to Watch out For in 2017

In the year 2012, ICMI compiled the trend of call center VoIP solutions in one and said that the following are the trends until 2016:

  1. Meeting service agreements
  2. Customer satisfaction
  3. Increasing agent productivity
  4. A rise in sales and profits
  5. Lowering operations cost

Now, in the year 2017, things have changed, as predicted. So, here are the trends for call center VoIP solutions for the year: 

1. Chatbots

The internet is taking over, technologies are becoming more and more dynamic as the years are passing by. Chatbots is one of technology’s product wherein there's a demand for more convenient and faster service. Chatbots are being adopted by several call centers – they get in touch with customers, interact with them as per the keywords used (the keywords act as triggers.) This technology is just perfect for tasks like requesting for account information or for bill payments through automated systems, lessening the overall task of employees.

2. Customer service via social media

As you know, most of the customers you're serving are active in at least one social media site. Make the most out of it and engage your customers using social media platforms. It's become quick customer service! Also, it makes a huge difference to establish a call center's presence online, giving your clients another mode to communicate with you- more customer- centric.

3. Employee engagement

A must-Be it business VoIP phone service or residential VoIP or any other business, employee engagement is a must! You spend months and years of your time, resources and so on, on him and lose out on him for just one reason- the right kind of employee engagement. Employee engagement activities like building employee morale, emotional attachment towards to company, team building activities, feeling important in the company are a few of them. Remember, if you lose out on him, it's going to be hard to get back on track!

4. Overall customer experience

Just like the employees', customers also need to have a valuable experience which they can cherish forever and never let go off! Remember, if you make the customer happy, it's the company's success- it's going to lead to brand loyalty, a rise in the brand image, leading to more and more conversions and so on. It's important to provide each customer with them- centric experience. They too need to feel wanted and important.

5. Technology Ecosystems

Every moment, a new technology arises. Remember, you need to be updated with these technologies and upgrade from time to time. Else, you'll fade out sooner than predicted. Make use of smart features of VoIP services like analytic reporting, call recording and so on to work on your overall productivity.

Above all, it's essential to understand your clients. What they want, why they want it and how to provide them with it! It's psychological, the happier you keep your clients, the happier your company will be.

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