Wednesday, 20 June 2018

The Future of VoIP- How Great Does it Look?

 VoIP is over 2 decades old and has become one of the most popular and powerful technologies for a long time now. VoIP has become the base technology that has led to empowering the way we all connect with one another anywhere and everywhere!

VoIP continues to grow. 


So, where do you think VoIP services are going next? Let's find out how VoIP services and solutions will be impacted in the near future. 

So, here's a question for you- where is VoIP today?

By the year 2017, VoIP is expected to grow by 6% and values at $83 billion. VoIP is considered to be one of the top performing industries today along with, e- commerce, biotechnology industries. Ironically, PSTN services are doing the worst! 
VoIP is used everywhere, even in remote parts of the world. VoIP service providers are making huge profits as the traffic has expanded from 1-3% to 25% of voice calls each day!

Mobile, eating the world?

Oh yes, it is! However, VoIP has changed the way we think- all thanks to mobile VoIP. Millions of users are using VoIP services and solutions by VoIP service providers in several ways. That has acted as a driving force for everyone to adapt to a new technology quickly!

Keeping this in mind, it seems like chances of VoIP and VoIP service providers in India and several other countries are positive for growth. VoIP as a technology can be provided to all- VoIP for call center, business VoIP, home VoIP and so on, being the most common ones. 

VoIP services continue to grow?

Since 1994, VoIP has been growing and has a lot more to explore. VoIP's future is definitely bright if it gets increasing supporters. Yes, it's popularity grew with Skype. Later, Viber, and so on came in the picture. However, VoIP solution providers like IP Momentum have to give VoIP the image it truly deserves- the image of being affordable, useful and very very efficient!

What's next?

VoIP may have competitors later on who shall have more advanced technologies- you never know, right? However, VoIP is forever going to be preferred by all because of it's smoothness and customer- friendliness. Looking at the smart features of VoIP like, click to call, music on hold, video conferencing and so on, VoIP seems to have a long way. The features are such that it shall make the user feel like it's an all- in- one offer which only a crazy human would like to miss out on. There's so much to do, explore in VoIP- it's a lot similar to exploring and making the most out of the human brain- it's endless!

The future of VoIP looks promising and I can’t wait to see what developers and businesses do with it!


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